BLOGGKleptomaniaSKISSminiatyrKLEPTOMANIA – Book I

Meet the trolls: The worst train crash in modern times occurs one summer night in the deep forest. Everyone dies except Linus. Weeks later he staggers out of the woods, miles from the crash site, confused, malnourished and with severe memory loss.

Years later he is immensely rich and the owner of an airship empire, but he is dying. On his deathbed he reveals to Ingra Varg where his wealth came from and what actually happened in the forest. Ingra’s life will never be the same.

Did he find something, or did something find him?

Kleptomania was awarded the Gothenburg City Literature Prize 2016 in the category Science fiction & fantasy.

BLOGGsnösommarSKISSminiatyrSNOW SUMMER – Book II

Linus Kaiser is dead. Summer is around the corner but winter refuses to let go. Summer is the front door but the winter refuses to let go. An icy cold has struck Sweden. In the woods, human is against troll in the struggle for survival.

Ingra is left in Stockholm, where the difference between life and death is a rattle in a drainpipe, a whisper behond ones back and shadows crawling the facades. From a run-down hostel in Denmark attempts are made to rule over a Sweden buried in snow and ice, where the laws of nature are no longer valid.


BLOGGblodkraxaSKISSminiatyrBLOOD CAW – Book III
Out in 2018




ASkärmavbild 2017-03-30 kl. 17.47.32NDRA VÄGAR: tio nya utopier (Science fiction)
ETC Förlag 2015
Kristina Hård: Dykplats Lund (Diving site Lund)


SURUPUKKI: RuoSkärmavbild 2017-03-30 kl. 17.47.04tsalaisia tieteistarinoita
Osuuskumma 2015
Kristina HårdKirjasiirtymiä
(Intrabokulär teleportering/Intrabocular teleportations))


Skärmavbild 2017-03-29 kl. 21.57.06THE HIMALAYAN LETTERS, published 2010.

In 1906 a planthunter writes to his fiancee from the Himalayas. One hundred years later, his letters end up in the hands of an impostor who steal other people’s identities. The letters becomes her only fixed point in a life on the run searching for who she really is.

takes black and white photos. She never pays for a decent hotel, and is on a forever train journey through life. At least, that is what she tells Luke and he falls head over heels for her. But one day she walks out the door and disappears, like she never existed.

But who is Milla?

Is she Julia, the heiress to a big fortune, who is reported missing? Her aunt is doing everything to find her, but really wants her dead. Or is she Sara, wanted for robbery? Who got away with the loot, but jumped from the Finland ferry into the green muddy waters of the Baltic Sea never to be seen again.

“Best book of the year”

“There is a seductive connection between longing for beauty and lawlessness” KRISTIANSTADBLADET.

Skärmavbild 2017-03-29 kl. 22.09.18ALBA, published 2009.

“My first space travel was a sophisticated teen rebellion. Instead of standing with my thumb along truck-laden roads I stepped out in the universe. I lied about my age, faked my past and pretended to be someone else.”

Alba is on the run from a miserable childhood and finds her way to Mars. There she manages to get a job at the research base Elysium. When an expedition is sent out to explore a new planet, she’s an unbacked participant among the other scientists. But not everyone on the team has good intentions. Face to face with the planet inhabitants the meeting is brutal and everything changes.

“Kristina Hård places herself right in the genre’s core”

“Just as nervy as science fiction should be”